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Asim Zeybek
+44 (0) 1908 659207

Student Project

Mechanical Properties of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened ( ODS ) Materials

Academic supervisors

Prof. Mike Fitzpatrick, Prof. John Bouchard, Dr. Jim Moffatt

Asim Zeybek
Asim Zeybek

Background :

My name is Asim ZEYBEK . I joined the Materials Engineering group at the Open University as a full time PhD student in October 2008. The Materials group ( ) is now part of the department of Design, Development, Environment and Materials (DDEM) ( ) within the Mathematics, Computing and Technology Faculty.

I have graduated from Middle East Technical University ( METU ) , TURKEY , with a Bachelor degree of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in June 2008. Then afterwards I directly started my studies at Open University.

PhD Project :

My Project title is “Mechanical Properties of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened ( ODS ) Materials.” My research is focused on Materials Characterization of these ODS Steels.

This work is mainly about the Tensile and Creep properties of 410L Powder matrix material including Y 2 O 3 dispersions. During my project I will also utilize from metallographic examinations, hardness measurements, EDXs.

Recent studies show that ODS (Oxide Dispersion Strengthened) Steels are the most promising candidate materials for structural components of Nuclear power plants because of their high temperature strength. They have higher operating temperatures than High-Cr steels, good thermal conductivity, high swelling resistance and low radiation damage. ODS Steels are being developed and investigated for nuclear fission and nuclear fusion applications in Japan , Europe and the United States .


Image1; Some other Spherical Precipitates and Intermetallics in 410L Hot Isostatic Pressed Steel ( HIP ) ( Higher Magnification )


Image2; Spherical Precipitates and Intermetallics in 410L Hot Isostatic Pressed Steel ( HIP )
( Lower Magnification )



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