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Sumit Pratihar - Completed Project

Sumit Pratihar
My Project

Before coming to the UK I completed a degree in the techniques of Materials and Engineering in India before joining the Department of Materials Engineering at the Open University.

My PhD project is entitled "Residual stress measurements in large engineering components using diffraction techniques"

The reason I chose this project was because I had always wanted to work on a project closely related to industry. This project was exactly what I wanted to do, especially as it has direct applications to industrial problems. It is a challenging and interesting subject.

My objectives are to evaluate the residual stress using diffraction techniques, then to validate my experimental results by using modelling and comparing the results.

About my project

In recent years neutron diffraction has become a reliable and well-used technique to determine residual strain and stress in materials. It remains the only technique capable of determining the residual stress field deep inside a polycrystalline material non-destructively.

My research work includes non-destructive measurement of residual stress in welded structures using neutrons , and synchrotron and laboratory x-rays . To carry out neutron and synchrotron X-ray diffraction experiments I have the opportunity to work in several high-profile laboratories on state-of-the-art experimental facilities (ENGIN-X at the Rutherford Appleton laboratory, UK; Beamlines ID15A, ID11and ID19 at the European Synchrotron Facility, Grenoble, France; POLDI at PSI, Switzerland and HMI in BERLIN) across Europe, which has given me the opportunity to work with leading scientists in this field. My work also includes the study of the effect of texture and other metallurgical factors (microstructure, hardness etc) on the measurement of residual stress. The following figure shows the residual strain variation in a TIG welded austenitic stainless steel pipes used in power plants.


I am doing all of my research under the guidance of Prof Lyndon Edwards and Dr. Mike Fitzpatrick.


Journal Articles

Y.Zhang, S.Pratihar ,M.E. Fitzpatrick and L.Edwards. ‘Residual Stress Mapping in Welds Using the Contour Method'. Material Science Forum 2005: 490/491: 294-299

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