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Yuki Phillips

+44 (0) 1908 653143

Student Project
Digital Image Correlation to High Temperature Welds

Academic supervisors

Prof.John Bouchard, Prof. Mike Fitzpatrick, Dr.Salih Gungor.

Yuki Phillips
Yuki Phillips


Kon nichiwa!

My name is Yuki Phillips. I joined the Material Engineering group at The Open University in April 2009. I did my Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master's Degree in Fluid Dynamics at Fukuoka University in Japan.

After I graduated, I worked as a production and design engineer at manufacturing companies and a support engineer at CFD software company in Japan .

7 years ago, my English husband brought me here to England. Recently I spent most of the time looking after my children. But, I decided to come back to the Engineering world again!

My Research 

My research topic is ‘Digital Image Correlation to High Temperature Welds'.

It is part of a British Energy project. AGR type nuclear power plant is working at 650 C. but, the life of materials operating under static load at high temperature is not clear. It is necessary to measure and model the creep behaviour at high temperature and predict how long materials will last. To find out about the deformation behaviour of structural material ( 316H austenitic stainless steel weldments ), I'm going to use Digital Image Correlation ( DIC ), which is an optical measurement technique for full-field, non-contact, and ideal for stress and strain measurements.

Life at OU

The Material Engineering department has fantastic facilities for research. Staff are very kind and helpful. The Open University has a big campus and a nice environment. I just joined The Open University Orchestra as a trumpet player. I'm enjoying my life here.

Yuki Phillips



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