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Jino Mathew
+44 (0) 7550 268 732
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Venables Room S2037

Student Project

Weld residual stress profiles for structural integrity assessment

Academic supervisors

Prof. John Bouchard
Prof. Michael Fitzpatrick

Jino Mathew
Jino Mathew

Background :

Hi, I am Jino Mathew from India. I did my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering from Calicut University, Kerala during 2003-2007. I hold a master’s degree in Welding Engineering (Metallurgical and Materials Engineering dept.) from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli during 2008-2010. After post-graduation, I have been working with Ador Welding and ARCI for two and four months respectively. Later on I took the opportunity offered by The Open University to develop my research skills and joined OU in Feb, 2011.

PhD Project :

Fusion welding is widely employed in the fabrication of pressure vessels and pipe-work. Residual stresses arising from welding influence the crack initiation, crack growth and fracture processes. For accurate integrity assessments of welded structures, it is important to have a detailed knowledge of internal residual stress and how they change during service. The objective of my research is to develop statistically based stress profiles suitable for inclusion in international structural integrity assessment procedures like R6. Also to acquire new high quality residual stress measurements in welded pipes to fill the data gaps in the measurement dataset; in particular for stainless steel pipe joints that are highly sensitive to the weldment geometry and heat input .
The research atmosphere in here is fantastic. All staffs and students are very friendly and helpful. Moreover considering the quality of research, I feel that I am in the right place for my PhD and couldn’t have asked for anything more.



1. Jino Mathew, R.M. Mohanty, R. Sundaresan, V. Sivan, K. Balasubramanian. (2010). Vacuum plasma etching of 1% La2O3 dispersed tungsten. Fusion Engineering and Design 85 pp. 824–827



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