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Himanshu Lalvani

+44 (0) 1908 653977

Student Project;
Characterising recrystallization microstructures in hot-working of aero-engine applications


Himanshu Lalvani



My name is Himanshu M. Lalvani. I joined the materials engineering group at the Open University as a full-time research student in October 2006 and was awrded my PhD in 2010. The materials group ( ) is now part of the department of Design, Development, Environment and Materials (DDEM) ( ) within the Mathematics, Computing and Technology Faculty.

I did a Bachelor of Engineering in Metallurgy from The M.S.University of Baroda in India in 2005. Thereafter I came to UK for postgraduate studies and I joined The University of Sheffield to do a Masters course in Advanced Metallurgy.


Introducing my PhD:

The title of my PhD research project was ‘Characterising recrystallization microstructures in hot-working of aero-engine applications'. This work focused on characterization of recrystallisation events that occur during hot working of Ni-based superalloys (e.g. IN-718 and Waspaloy) which are used in aero-engine applications. Specific alloy samples were hot-worked in laboratory with different strain-rate and temperature conditions similar to industrial hot-working processes, after that the samples were processed for metallography and examined under optical and electron microscopes. Quantitative metallography was carried out to determine grain size variations and volume fraction of recraystallized grains. All this quantitative metallographic data along with the data from hot-working experiments can be fed into a mathematical model which is useful in simulating micro structural evolution in components during industrial hot-working processes.

This project was under supervision of Dr. Martin Rist and Professor Lyndon Edwards from the materials group, moreover the project was in collaboration with QinetiQ Ltd. and Dr. Jeffery Brooks (QinetiQ Ltd.) is the external supervisor in this project.


Microstructure of IN-718 showing d precipitates at the grain boundaries


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