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Anusha Kankanala

+44-(0) 1908 659 207

Student Project
Reliable Measurement of Residual Stresses in Dissimilar Welds

Joint European Masters in Advanced Material Science & Engineering (MSc.), Lulea University of
Technology (Sweden) & Saarland University (Germany).
Bachelors in Metallurgy & Materials Technology
(B. Tech), Jawaharlal Nehru Technological
University (India).

Anusha Kankanala
Anusha Kankanala


I am Anusha Kankanala and I was born and brought up the South of India. My undergraduation was completed in 2007
in Hyderabad, India. Later on, I had an opportunity to explore European countries for my graduation
studies during 2007-2009. Thanks to the European Union who made my dream (study in abroad) come
true by sponsoring my graduation studies through Erasmus Mundus studentship. After this, I worked
as a Research Engineer for 3 months in Bio & Nano-composites Group at Lulea University of
Technology, Sweden. For the reason being ambitious towards my goals in the Life, I decided to take up
the PhD studies and joined the Open University in October 2010.

My Research

My research focuses mainly on the reliable measurements of stresses in increasingly complex structures
and materials which is a vital industrial requirement. This project is being supported by AREVA, the
French nuclear power plant constructor. In most of the nuclear power plants, stress corrosion cracking
is the dominant degradation mechanism in pressurized water reactors. So, the design of the dissimilar
welds has been improved by AREVA using a corrosion resistant filler material to reduce the residual
stresses. Thereafter, the quantitative residual stress analysis has been carried in these welds through
various means. The results have shown large scatter in the stress-free lattice parameters for some
unknown reasons. Thus, it is believed that this needs more detailed study to explore the responsible
factors for this scatter and to be able to produce reliable measurements of stresses in complex structures
that is quite necessary for various industrial purposes. As a part of this research, I am going to perform
more stress measurements in dissimilar welds using Neutron Diffraction Technique and study the
effects from microstructural point of view.

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