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Yeli Traore

+44(0)1908 659766

Student Project

The Development of Principles for the Contour Method of Residual Stress Measurement

Academic supervisors
Prof. P J Bouchard (OU),
Dr J Francis (OU) , Prof M E Fitzpatrick (OU),
Prof A Lodini (URCA, France)

Yeli Traore
Yeli Traore

My name is Yéli Traoré. I joined the Materials Engineering Group at OU as full time PhD student in November 2009. I did my Master degree in CAD/CAM and Materials Engineering from Université de Reims Champagne Ardennes in France in 2009.

PhD Project
My project is mainly focused on the Contour Method. The Contour Method is a recently developed destructive technique for Residual Stress measurement invented in 2001 by Mike Prime. It allows 2D Residual Stress mapping in the plane of interest within relatively thick components.

In the CM, the sample is cut into two parts by wire electro-discharge machining (Wire EDM) which causes the RS acting in the direction that is normal to the cut face to relax. The distortions on the newly cut faces are measured, and then the data are fitted and then used for the RS calculation by finite element method (FEM).

Being a recent technique, the CM is still in the improvement phase. Its practice implementation, such as sample cutting, causes errors in the measurements. In fact, the CM relies of the assumption of elastic stress relaxation during Wire EDM cutting, plasticity during relaxation causes errors in the measured stresses. Although there has been recent work by Prime on the minimisation of CM errors, the plastic errors during stress relaxation need to be considered.

Therefore, this project is focused on the investigation and the minimisation of plastic errors induced by the Wire EDM cutting.



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