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Research / Students / Stefan Flemming

Stefan Alexander Flemming

Department of Methods & Instruments (SF1)
Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin

Research Topic

Development of a Client Server System for full automatic instrument calibration of a diffractometer for residual stress

Academic Supervisor

Dr. J. A. James

Stefan Flemming


My name is Stefan Flemming and I'm a research student at the Open University Milton Keynes. My working place is the Department of Material Science at Hahn-Meitner-Institute Berlin in Germany . Before starting my PhD at the Open University in 2006, I studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin where I received a degree in Computer Engineering (Dipl.-Ing. [FH]).

During my diploma work, the “Development of a Client Server System for full automatic instrument calibration of a diffractometer for residual stress”, it turned out that the software was able to solve much more scientific problems in an easy way and even the first version was stable enough that it is still used today for productive purposes.

For my PhD thesis a new objective has been formed, the “Development of a scalable Instrument Control and Data Analysis Software Design and Reference Implementation”.

With the knowledge gained during my diploma, reviews of proven instrument software and inclusion of modern software design principles, a new architecture for instrument control and data analysis is in development. The so-called system Inspire is already in use for different instruments all over the world. Productive Tests with Open Inspire, the reference Implementation of Inspire, has already verified that the Inspire Design is working.

Designing internationally accepted software requires a good network between developers, instrument responsibles and users all over the world. The Open University is a very important part in the global community and provides excellent conditions for distributed development in touch with the Strainet Community

The Inspire Architecture

Inspire is an acronym for:
Infrastructure for Natural Science and Programming in Research Environment

The evaluation of widely used Instrument Software systems around the world reveals design patterns that are often intuitively used. The Inspire Architecture combines approved techniques of well tested systems with modern software designs and proposes good practices in modern instrument software designs.

Open Inspire - A Concrete Implementation

Open Inspire is a concrete implementation on top of the abstract Inspire architecture. Due to the fact that much work is already done in this area OI does not reinvent the wheel but provides an infrastructure that eases linking system components of proprietary Instrument software. OI is able to communicate with CARESS devices, support for SICS, TANGO and TACO is in development, EPICS and Labview is planned. First experiments for continuous texture analysis, optical instrument alignment and just in time monitoring are running at E3/E7 at HMI-Berlin and Stress Spec at FRM2-Munich. There is no limitation to use Open Inspire in completely different environments; you can use Inspire to control a coffee machine up to a synchrotron beamline with different types of hardware.


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