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Stefano Coratella

+44-(0) 1908 332 719

Student Project
Laser Shock Peening for Improved Damage Tolerance of Aerospace Structures

Stefano Coratella
Stefano Coratella


I am Stefano Coratella. I graduated both bachelor and master degrees in Aerospace Engineering at the university of Bologna

My Research

Since I had an internship inside Airbus Deutschland – Hamburg in 2010, I got in touch for the first time with the research world and in particular with the Laser Shock Peening. It’s a relatively new technology to introduce residual stresses inside several metals used in the aerospace field. For specific application like engine blades or nuclear power reactor, this technology has shown higher performance than the shot peening. My project is not only focused on the technology in itself but I’m developing a new way to apply eigenstrains to FEM models and simulate the laser shock peening process to predict the final residual stress profile.

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