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Materials Engineering Group

Materials Engineering

Materials Staff - Dr. Salih Gungor


Dr. Salih Gungor


OU Location:

Venables Building, Room S2029

UK Telephone No.:

+44 (0)1908 - 653942

E-Mail address :

For research publications see either ORO Open Research Online or for a full list select this page .

Salih Gungor
Dr Salih Gungor


•  TXR120 Engineering: an active introduction.

•  T207 Engineering: mechanics, materials, design.

•  TXR220 Engineering in action.

•  T357 Structural integrity: designing against failure.

•  T839 Forensic engineering.


  Experimental stress analysis using optical methods, particularly:

  Measurement of residual stresses by destructive methods , e.g.:

Creep of stainless steel weldments

Creep crack growth in nickel superalloys  

Hot deformation of two-phase titanium alloys

Mechanical properties of composites

Fatigue of materials and Fracture Mechanics

Structural integrity of electronic components