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Materials Engineering

Materials Engineering

Materials Staff - Dr. Soraia Barroso


Dr Soraia Barroso


Research Associate


OU Location:

Venables Building, Room N2024

UK Telephone No.:

+44 (0) 1980 332269

e-mail address :

Soraia Barroso
Dr. Soraia Barroso

Research interests - Dr. Soraia Barroso:

My research experience and expertise are in the areas of mechanical testing, thermal ageing, irradiation effects, empirical research on material degradation and characterisation and non-destructive testing (NDT). It includes the material testing aspects, application of reactor safety and surveillance programmes of nuclear power plants.

I have worked at and collaborated with various European and International organisations, workgroups and institutions such as the INSA National Institute of Applied Science (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées), Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing IZFP, MTA-KFKI Atomic Energy Research (AEKI) Institute, Joint Research Centre (JRC) of European Commission (EC), the Institute for Energy (IE) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

My research interests lie in the performance testing and characterisation of aeronautical and nuclear metallic materials in high temperature and irradiated environments. Also my interest includes the development and application of NDT, Barkhausen noise and acoustic signal and the incorporation of these into healthy monitoring systems and structural integrity assessment. In mechanical testing I specialize in the use of fracture mechanics, miniaturised samples and Master Curve.

Presently, my research work focuses on the development of nano- and oxide-dispersed strengthened (NDS-ODS) steel for applications in advanced nuclear reactor concepts, generation VI and future fusion energy, including the characterisation of irradiated material, e.g. Barkhausen measurements.


Recent Publications

Soraia Pirfo Barroso, Marta Horvath, Akos Horvath, Magnetic measurements for evaluation of radiation damage on nuclear reactor materials, Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 240, Issue 4, 722-725, 2010.

Kleber, X. Barroso, S. P., Investigation of shot-peened austenitic stainless steel 304L by means of magnetic Barkhausen noise, Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol527, n. 21-22, 2010.

H.  H. Over, S. Pirfo Barroso and F. Gillemot, IAEA surveillance data administration within Mat-DB, International Conference on Opportunities and Challenges for Water Cooled Reactors in the 21st Century, Vienna, Austria, October 2009.

L. Debarberis B. Acosta, A. Zeman, S. Pirfo, P. Moretto, A. Chernobaeva and Y. Nikolaev, Ductile-to-brittle transition temperature of thermally segregated WWER-1000 base metal, Int. J. Microstructure and Materials Properties, Vol. 2, Nos. 3/4, 2007.

Editorial board of the book “Embrittlement and Mechanistic Interpretation of Reactor Pressure Vessel and Internal Materials, published by European Commission, DG-JRC, ISBN 92-79-00173-6, The Netherlands, 2005.

G. Manna, S. Pirfo, L. Debarebris, P. Castello and R. Hurst, Hydrogen Attack Characterisation by Magnetic Measurements, IOS Press, International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, 597-599, 19, 2004.

L. Debarberis, B. Acosta, F. Sevini, S. Pirfo, J. M. Hyde, M. T. Hutchings, S. Ortner, Studies of radiation embrittlement of model alloys by positron annihilation, thermo-electric and magnetic measurements, NDT and E International, vol. 37, no. 1, pp. 19-22, Elsevier Science B.V., Amsterdam, January, 2004.

S. Pirfo, K. Szielasko, I. Altpeter and G. Dobmann, Dynamic Magnetostriction for Material Characterisation of Micro Structure States of Degraded Structural Steel, 11th International Symposium on Nondestructive Characterization of Materials, 24-28 June, Berlin, Germany, 2002

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