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Materials Engineering

Materials Engineering

Departmental Staff - Dr Jon James


Dr. Jon James

Research Fellow

OU Location:
Venables Building, Room S2030

UK Telephone No.:
+44 (0)1908 - 654198

E-Mail address :

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Jon James
Dr Jon James

Research activities;

Stress measurement by neutron diffraction is a non-destructive technique that uniquely provides insights into stress fields deep within engineering components and structures.

Over the last two decades the diffractometers available for engineering neutron diffraction have evolved from adapted traditional Ďall-purpose' instruments, designed to balance the competing requirements of the various user communities, to dedicated engineering strain scanning instrument optimized for engineering measurements.

Links to; Engin - X, Strain Scanning Simulation Software (SScanSS) , Application of robotics methods to Neutron and Synchrotron diffraction instrumentation, Archaeometry


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