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Materials Engineering Group

Research / Facilities / General

Group Facilities

Optical microscopy and preparation facilities.

Various optical microscopes including, Reichart MEF3 Inverted metallurgical microscope, Wild Stereo microscope, Reichart Zetapan research microscope.
Materials preparation equipment for optical observation including, various cut-off saws, spark eroder, grinding / polishing equipment, vacuum impregnation unit. Hardness testers.

Analytical Facilities

The analytical facility has equipment mainly used for materials characterisation and polymer identification.
Perkin-Elmer 1615 FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectrometer)
MettlerToledo DSC 822e(differential scanning calorimeter)
Perkin-Elmer Z3030 atomic absorption spectrometer with a HGA-600 graphite furnace and AS-60 autosampler.

The Department also has access to a wide range of other analytical facilities including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometeters, UV/visible spectrometers, gel permeation chromatography (GPC) for molecular mass distribution of polymers etc.

Mechanical Testing

Servo Hydraulic test machine 100KN capacity with MTS TestStar computer control
1342 Instron Servo Hydraulic test machine 10KN capacity.
Two 810 Series MTS Servo Hydraulic test machines 100KN capacity with TestStar control.
All of the above machines can be controlled in position, load, or strain, at frequencies up to 40Hz. Smaller loads can be catered for by the use of additional load cells rated at 5KN. Numerous fixtures exist for a wide range of applications. Range of test temperatures - 30°C to 1400°C.


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