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Publications - Professor Bill Plumbridge


Research Publications

  1. 'Effects of Strain Rate and Temperature on the Stress-Strain Response of Solder Alloys' (with C R Gagg ), J of Matls Scie.- Matls in Electronics, 1999, 10, 461-468.
  2. 'The Effect of Temperature on Fatigue-Creep Interactions in a Lead-Tin Solder' (with J E Moffatt) presented at Interconnect PACK Symposium, March 1999 (San Diego).
  3. ‘Materials Behaviour and Reliability in Performance of Solder Joints' Soldering and Surface Mount Technology, 1999, 11, 8-11.
  4. ‘Lead-Free Solders in Japan – A Personal Impression' Soldering and Surface Mount Technology, 2000, 12, 32-34.
  5. 'Teaching Quality Assessment: Past, Present and Future' Materials Congress 2000, April, (Cirencester).
  6. ‘Solders as High Temperature Engineering Alloys' Materials at High Temperatures, 2000, 17, 381-387.
  7. ‘The Mechanical Properties of Lead-containing and Lead-free Solders– Meeting the Environmental Challenge' (with C Gagg) Proc.Instn.Mech. Engrs –J. Of Materials: Design & Applications, 2000, 214, 153-161.
  8. 'Solder Joint Reliability' (with A Westwater) Half day workshop – presented at the European Conference on Surface Mount Technology, Brighton, November, 2000.
  9. 'The Influence of Processing History on the Creep of Tin-3.5 Silver Alloys' (with Y Kariya and C R Gagg), Seventh Symposium On Microjoining and Assembly Technology In Electronics, MATE 2001 Conference (Yokohama), February 2001.
  10. 'Mechanical Properties of Sn-3.0 Ag-0.5Cu Alloy' (with Y Kariya) Ibid.
  11. ‘Creep of Lead-Free Solders at Elevated Temperatures' (with C R Gagg and S Peters) Invited contribution to the Symposium on Lead-Free Solders and Soldering Technologies, TMS Annual Meeting, February 2001 (New Orleans). J Electronic Matls, 2001, 30, 1178-1183.
  12. 'Tin Pest in Sn-0.5 wt. % Cu Lead-free Alloy' (with Y Kariya, N Williams and C R Gagg) J of Matls, 2001, 53, 39-41.
  13. 'Tin Pest in Solder Alloys' (with Y Kariya and C Gagg), Soldering and Surface Mount Technology, 2001,13, 39-40.
  14. 'Fatigue-Creep Interactions in Solder Alloys' (with J E Moffatt), - presented at the Tenth International Congress on Fracture ICF10, Hawaii, December, 2001.
  15. 'The Analysis of Creep Data for Solder Alloys', Soldering and Surface Mount Technology, 2003, 15, 26-30.
  16. 'COST 531: A New European Initiative on Lead-free Solders' presented at Symposium on Pb-free and Pb-bearing Solders, TMS Fall Meeting, Columbus, Ohio, October, 2002.
  17. 'The Influence of Temperature on the Creep of Tin-37 Lead Solders', (with C R Gagg) Invited Paper to Symposium on Pb-free and Pb-bearing Solders, TMS Fall Meeting, Columbus, Ohio, October, 2002.
  18. 'Creep of the Lead-free Solder ‘Sn-Ag-Cu' at 75O C', (with S Cooper). Symposium on Pb-free and Pb-bearing Solders, TMS Fall Meeting, Columbus, Ohio, October, 2002.
  19. 'Damage Produced in Model (Sn-37Pb) Joints during Thermomechanical Cycling' ( with X W Liu), J Electronic Matls, 2003, 32, 278-286.
  20. ' Thermomechanical Fatigue of Sn-37Pb Model Solder Joints' with X W Liu, J Matls Scie and Engrg, A362, 2003 309-321.
  21. 'State-variable constitutive modelling of lead-free solder deformation',: with M A. Rist , Invited presentation at TMS Annual Meeting, Chicago, November,2003.
  22. 'Structural Integrity and Reliability of Electronics Equipment – Enhancing Performance in a Lead-free Environment' (with R J Matela and A Westwater), Scheduled publication December 2003.
  23. 'Mechanical Evaluation in Electronics' Book Chapter to be published in Lead-free Soldering in Electronics (Ed K Suganuma), Marcel Dekker, (New York),2003.
  24. 'Creep Properties of Sn-8 mass% Zn-3 mass% Bi Lead-free Alloy' (with I Shohji and C R Gagg, J Electronic Matls, to be published.
  25. 'Long term reliability with lead-free solders', submitted to Soldering and Surface Mount Technoloogy.
  26. 'Structural integrity in electronics', with Y Kariya, submitted to Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Matls and Structures.
  27. 'Degradation of Sn-Ag-Cu solder alloys during thermal cycling', with X W Liu

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