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Publications - Dr. Jon A. James

Articles in Refereed Journals  
Refereed Conference Publications  


Articles in Refereed Journals

  1. J.James, G.C.Barker and M.Silbert. Monte-Carlo Results for a Linear Polymer Confined to an Harmonic Potential Well . Macromolecules, (1991) 24 , pp.3584-3586
  2. (90% contribution)

  3. J.A. James, J.R. Santisteban, L. Edwards and M.R. Daymond, A Virtual Laboratory for Neutron and Synchrotron Strain Scanning . Physica B, Condensed Matter (2004) 350 pp.743-746.
  4. (90% contribution)

  5. J.A. Dann, M.R., Daymond, L. Edwards, J.A. James, and J.R. Santisteban, A Comparison between Engin and Engin-X, a new diffractometer optimised for stress measurement. ,. Physica B: Condensed Matter (2004) 350 , pp. 511-514
  6. (30% contribution)

  7. M.A. Rist, S. Tin, B. Roder, J. A. James, and M.R. Daymond. Residual stresses in a Quenched Superalloy Turbine disc: Measurements and Modeling . Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, , (2006) 37 , pp.459-467
  8. (20% contribution)

  9. J. R. Santisteban, L. Fernández, H. Corso, R. L. Martínez , L. Boccanera, L. Edwards, J.A. James, M. Turski. Post-Weld Heat Treatment Stress relaxation in Zircaloy 4 plasma . Materials Science Forum Vols. 524-525 (2006) pp. 491-496
  10. (5% contribution)

  11. J.R. Santisteban, M.R. Daymond, J.A. James and L. Edwards, ENGIN-X: A Third Generation Strain Scanner: J. of Appl. Crys, (2006), 39, 812-825
  12. (30% contribution)

  13. J.A. James and L. Edwards, Application of robot kinematics methods to the simulation and control of neutron beam line positioning systems . Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A. (2007) 571 , 709-718.
  14. (90% contribution)

  15. 8. L. Bartoli, S.Siano, W. Kockelman, J.Santisteban, J.James, M. Miccio and G. De Marinis. Non-destructive characterisation of a Villanovan sword using time-of-flight neutron diffraction. IL NUOVO CIMENTO C. (2007) 30, 21-26.

Refereed Conference Publications

  1. M.J.P. Cullen, T. Davies, M. H. Mawson, J. A. James and A. Malcolm, An Overview of Numerical Methods for the Next Generation UK NWP and Climate Model . In Numerical Methods in Atmospheric Modelling, The André Robert Memorial Volume, Eds. C. Lin, R. Laprise and H. Ritchie, Publ. Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographical Society Ottawa, Canada, (1997) pp. 425-444. (10% contribution)
  2. R. Hasson, J.A. James and S.J. Swithenby. The Bayesian Power Imaging (PBI) Test for Task/Control Experiments . in Biomag2000, Proc. ?12th Int. Conf. on Biomagnetism, eds J. Nenonen, R.J. Ilmoniemi, and?T. Katila,. Publ. Helsinki Univ. of Tech., Espoo, Finland (2001). pp. 195-212 (
    (20% contribution)
  3. J.A. James, J.R. Santestiban, M.R. Daymond and L. Edwards, Use of a Virtual Laboratory to plan, execute and analyse Neutron Strain Scanning experiments. NOBUGS2002, NIST, Gaithersburg, USA, ( ).
    (90% contribution)
  4. D. Dye, B.A. Roder, S. Tin, M.A. Rist, J.A. James and M.R. Daymond, Modeling and Measurements of Residual Stresses in a Forged IN718 Superalloy Disc. In Proc 10 th Int. Symp on Superalloys ( Superalloys 2004) Ed. K.Green Publ. TMS Warrendale, Pa,. USA, IBSN087339576X (2004), pp.315-322
    (20% contribution)
  5. P.J. Bouchard, L. Edwards, J. James, S. Pratihar, J.R. Santisteban and M. Turski, Residual Stress Measurements Revealing Weld Bead Start and Stop Effects in Single and Multi-pass Weld-runs , Proc. 2005 ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping Division Conference, Publ. ASM Intl, New York, USA, ( paper: PVP2005-71575)
    (20% contribution)

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