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Product failure has been studied in the Materials Engineering Department since its inception, and forms the basis of several courses presented by the department ( T839 Forensic Engineering ). The loose grouping of individuals study a very wide range of cases, from metal fatigue of crankshafts (Prof. Lyndon Edwards), stress corrosion or ozone cracking of fuel lines (Dr. Peter Lewis), breakage of glass bottle causing personal injury (Dr. George Weidmann), failure of power hand tools (Colin Gagg) to infringement actions in medical devices and garden products (Dr. Peter Lewis). Cases are studied within a framework set by litigation, enquires by insurers, or companies and institutions. Work has also been funded by the Consumer Research Laboratories in order to improve the design of handpumps and rising mains for use in developing countries. Independent research by the group has revealed new and unsuspected failure modes in both traditional and entirely new materials. All members have had recent experience of court procedure and giving expert advice before tribunals.

Some engineering case studies can be found in the Materials Engineering 'Museum' by following the link in the navigation bar above.

Approaches to key individuals can be made using the following e-mail addresses:

Dr. Mike Fitzpatrick (metals and alloys)
Colin Gagg (metals and alloys)
Dr. Peter Lewis (rubbers, plastics and composites)

Book news

A book entitled 'Forensic Materials Engineering Case Studies' has been written by three members of the group, Dr.Peter Lewis, Mr Ken Reynolds and Mr Colin Gagg. Published by CRC Press ( ) ISBN 0-8493-1182-9.


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