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Materials Engineering Group

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Group Facilities - Electron Microscope Suite

The Group shares the running of the interfaculty Electron Microscope Suite, primarily used for research projects in the faculties of Science and Maths, Computing & Technology.

Scanning Electron Microscope Zeiss Supra ™ 55VP

The SUPRA ™ 55VP with the improved GEMINI® FESEM column represents the most versatile ultra high resolution FESEM for semiconductor applications, material analysis and variable pressure solutions. The SUPRA ™ 55VP combines four instruments in one and provides ultra high resolution over the complete voltage range with the ability to handle large specimens. It is also a fully analytical FESEM with 20nA probe current and including variable pressure technology for examining non-conducting specimens without preparation.


Fully motorised 5-axis stage, and a range of detectors:-

  • Everhart-Thornley Secondary Electron detector
  • Zeiss Gemini In-Lens Secondary Electron detector
  • Backscattered Electron Detector (Centaurus)
  • VPSE Variable Pressure Secondary Electron Detector
  • EDAX Genesis 4000 Energy Dispersive X-Ray system for elemental analysis
  • HKL Electron Backscattered Diffraction system (EBSD)

Transmission Electron Microscope JEOL JEM 2100 LaB6

The JEM-2100 electron microscope provides solutions for a wide range of problems in the fields of materials, nanoelectronics, and biological sciences.

The JEM-2100 features a high-stability goniometer stage specifically tuned for high tilt tomographic applications.
The JEM-2100 has three independent condenser lenses and produces the highest probe current for any given probe size, which allows for improved analytical and diffraction capabilities.

Fitted with EDAX Genesis XM4 System 60 for TEM, an Energy Dispersive X-Ray system for elemental analysis.

Transmission Electron Microscope JEOL JEM-1400

The JEM-1400 is a high performance, high contrast, 120kV TEM with excellent imaging and analytical capabilities in one compact, easy-to-use instrument. With an acceleration voltage of 40 to 120kV, the JEM-1400 is suitable for biological, polymer and materials science applications. The new JENIE™ software included with the JEM-1400 offers a set of tutorials and user guides designed to help beginning microscopists familiarize themselves with the microscope, but also allows experienced users to explore and understand advanced features. The Windows™ GUI is programmed with the latest in Windows™ based technologies and allows remote operation and communication between groups via a TCP/IP connection and a web browser.

Specimen preparation facilities

Edwards 306 evaporator, sputter coaters, a new rapid-ion milling system, dimple grinder, and jet electropolishers. Microtomes/Ultramicrotomes.

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