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Doctoral studentships on Social and Economic Research on Innovation in Genomics

These will start in October 2003, funded on the 1 + 3 model and open to UK and EU students. Applications are invited by Friday 20th June 2003. Candidates should have a good degree (at least 2:1) in a relevant social science subject (though we will also consider applicants with a technical background). Further information about INNOGEN can be found at Informal enquiries can be made by emailing the project supervisors

Requests for information and applications should be submitted through

Centre for Technology Strategy
Faculty of Technology
The Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes
Tel: +44 (0) 1908 65365

Studentship summary notes

Locational dynamics of the UK genomics industry

Outline of proposed project

The project will focus on the relationships between R&D institutions and the genomics/biotechnology industry. It will research the complementarities between public, charity and private R&D, and companies - those involved directly in genomics products and processes and those marketing complementary assets of all kinds: scientific, technical and non-technical, such as venture capital and financial. In comparison to research on ICTs, relatively little detailed research has been published on industrial dynamics of the R&D-rich pharmaceutical and life sciences industry in the UK, where linkages between science, technology and industry are close and complex.

The project will investigate the extent to which linkages between different companies and R&D institutions have possible locational causes and consequences, and whether clusters have advantages in the development of the genomics industry. One important mechanism that favours clustering is the dominance of spin-off private firms exploiting niche markets in technology generated by large universities. A second mechanism that favours dispersion rather than concentration of activity is the use of patenting and sales through specialised intermediate markets, which has been important for innovation in the wider South East economy across a range of industries. The heavy capitalisation requirements of genomic products and the need for coordination across the stages of production, testing and marketing may however impose particular patterns and favour firms as innovating entities rather than regions.

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Innovation and diffusion of agricultural GMOs in Central and Eastern Europe

A detailed study of how innovation systems in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are affected by the new biotechnology. The study will take advantage of the unparalleled expertise in the Open and Edinburgh universities on globalisation dynamics of agricultural biotechnology, whilst filling a major gap in understanding of how agricultural genomics will affect technological capabilities in CEE countries.

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