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Research Groups in CTS

CTS is a federation of Research Groups, which at present are:

Biotechnology Policy Group

Researches the links between innovation and regulation of agricultural biotechnology, particularly the development of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) designed for agricultural uses. Contact: Susan Carr or Les Levidow.

Centre for the Analysis of Supply Chain Innovation and Dynamics (CASCAID)

Furthers understanding of the dynamics of technology innovation in product supply and distribution systems in both manufacturing and service industries. Director: Ed Rhodes.

Complexity Science Research Centre

To establish the Open University as an international centre of excellence and expertise in complexity science research.

Co-operatives Research Unit (CRU)

Develops theories and methods of applied research in relation to workers' co-operatives, with a growing interest in co-operatives providing social services. The Unit is also developing the concept of social audit. Chair: Roger Spear.

Design Innovation Group (DIG)

Examines the role of design and innovation in competitiveness and identifies factors relating to the success and failure of design and new product development in manufacturing industry. Co-ordinator: Robin Roy.

Development Policy and Practice Research Group (DPP)

Develops interdisciplinary research approaches in international development, with interests in: development as a process, gender, alternative technology and food security. Chair: Joanna Chataway.

Energy and Environment Research Unit (EERU)

Improves the understanding of environmental problems of energy generation and use and develops appropriate technological solutions, with an emphasis on energy conservation and renewable energy systems. Director: David Elliott.

Innogen ESRC Centre for Social and Economic Research on Innovation in Genomics

The ESRC Centre for Social and Economic Research on Innovation in Genomics. It is part of the ESRC Genomics Network, three Centres across the UK studying the evolution of genomics and life sciences and their far-reaching social and economic implications.

Integrated Waste Systems

An interdisciplinary group for research into sustainable and integrated waste management. Contact: David Cooke or Christine Thomas

CTS also participates in other OU Research Groups, including:

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