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People in CTS

CTS's full membership includes the members of CTS's constituent groups and other associated or interested academics both within the Technology Faculty, and in other Faculties, as well as outside the Open University. The Co-ordination Group form the core membership, together with subgroups for key CTS activities.

Co-ordination Group:

David Wield

Professor, DPP/CCC


Godfrey Boyle

Senior Lecturer, Design and Innovation


Joanna Chataway

Professor, DPP/CCC


David Elliott

Professor, Design and Innovation


Dick Morris

Senior Lecturer, Systems/CCC

Integrated Waste Systems

Ed Rhodes

Senior Lecturer, Design and Innovation


Robin Roy

Professor, Design and Innovation


Roger Spear

Senior Lecturer, Systems/CCC


Susan Carr

Senior Research Fellow, CCC


Jim Frederickson

Research Fellow, Systems/CCC

Integrated Waste Systems

Hazel Johnson

Lecturer, DPP/CCC


Andrew Lane

Professor, Systems/CCC

Systems Research

Les Levidow

Research Fellow, DPP/CCC


Stephen Potter

Professor, Design and Innovation

Director of CTS

Christine Thomas

Research Fellow, Systems/CCC

Integrated Waste Systems

Other CTS Core Members:

  • Gary Alexander, Senior Lecturer in Telematics
  • Ray Ison, Professor of Systems, CCC
  • Simon Bell, INSTIL (Integrate New Systems and Technologies into Lifelong Learning) Lecturer, Systems, CCC
  • Christine Blackmore, Lecturer in Environment and Development, Systems, CCC
  • Dr Chris Bissell, Senior Lecturer and Head of Department, Telematics
  • Jacqueline Eisenstaadt, Project Office, CCC
  • Ruth Carter, Staff Tutor, Technology (CASCAID)
  • Mike Fitzpatrick, Sub-Dean (Research), Technology
  • Bob Everett, Lecturer, Design and Innovation (EERU)
  • Joyce Fortune, Senior Lecturer, Technology and Manufacturing Management Discipline, CCC
  • John Hughes, Senior Lecturer, Technology Management and Manufacturing, CCC
  • Geoff Peters, Professor of Systems and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Strategy, Planning and Partnerships)
  • Paul Quintas, Director of Research, Open University Business School
  • Roberto Simonetti, Lecturer in Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Joyce Tait, Visiting Professor, CCC (BPG)
  • Gordon Wilson, Staff Tutor, Technology (DPP)
  • Stephen Peake, Lecturer (EERU)
  • Giles Mohan, Chair of research (DPP)
  • Sandrine Simon, Lecturer in Systems, CCC
  • James Warren, Regional Staff Tutor (EERU)


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