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Precautionary Expertise for GM Crops (PEG)

Workshop reports:




France - full report

France - summary report




United Kingdom

These reports describe national policy workshops organised by PEG research partners as one way of making closer links between researchers and GM policy stakeholders. The workshops generally took the form of scenario analysis exercises, with the organisers and/or the participants formulating a set of plausible policy futures (for example: full commercialisation of GM crops; limited commercialisation; no commercialisation), as a basis for exploring and mapping their possible causes and consequences. This basic format was adapted by each partner in ways appropriate to their national context.

The aim was not to predict the future, but to examine the underlying dynamics, interactions and likely responses, so as to identify issues that warrant further attention. Provisional research findings from the PEG project were used to inform the organisation of the workshops and to provide participants with briefing documents. The outcomes of the national workshops informed the organisation of a subsequent EU-level workshop. The workshops served to raise awareness of the PEG project among stakeholders, to disseminate preliminary research findings, as a check for the researchers on the issues of most policy relevance, and to highlight issues that need further research.

Further information is available from the project secretary, by emailing technology-bpg@open.ac.uk


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