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Welcome to the Centre for Technology Strategy

CTS was established within the Faculty of Technology at the Open University to provide a framework for collaboration between researchers in different departments of the Faculty and with researchers in other faculties and outside the Open University. The majority of CTS members work in the Technology Faculty, in either CCC(Centre for Complexity and Change) or Design and Innovation

CTS is a federation of Research Groups, currently including:

Biotechnology Policy Group
Centre for the Analysis of Supply Chain Innovation and Dynamics Co-operatives Research Unit
Complexity Science Research Centre
Design Innovation Group
Development Policy and Practice Research Group
Energy and Environment Research Unit
Integrated Waste Systems

With the restructuring of research groups within the Open University, many of the research collaboration functions have been taken over by the new interdisciplinary research centre IKD; Innovation Knowledge and Development

IKD organises and conducts research in three main streams: innovation, knowledge and development. These streams are connected through various cross-cutting themes, including: sustainability; regulation and market behaviour; entrepreneurship and industry dynamics; economic regeneration; partnership and development.

IKD integrates researchers from six OU research groups from the Faculties of Social Sciences, Technology and the OU Business School (OUBS).

The main remaining function of CTS relates to its training functions for research students

CTS runs the first year postgraduate training U500 workshops and has been awarded ESRC recognition under the subject area of Science Technology and Innovation Studies. This makes CTS member groups eligible to receive ESRC studentships.

Centre for Technology Strategy
Professor Stephen Potter

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